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Showing posts from March 11, 2007

Catching Up AGAIN!

Okay, I'm back after a month or more...I've been busy, but you will see more of me because the spring always cranks up the activity.

Finshed the Waco 5-0 50k for the second time this past weekend with some of the NTTRgroup. A killer course, 3 ten-mile plus loops through the trails of Cameron Park, Central TX's best kept mountain biking and trail running secret. My results stunk due to my lack of serious hill training and the fact I ran the Outback section four instead of three times due to a wrong turn...

David Chisum, my running partner in several areas of my life, commented: "So you chose to run a race that only 26 people in Texas did. Brilliant. I would like to say good job, but I can't get past the first sentence I wrote."

Lessons Learned: "I suffered because I was undisciplined" and "You can't serve four masters (pastoring, running, writing and teaching) and do any of them really well" But, what's a multi-tasker to do?

The best pa…