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The Difference Maker

I recently watched the History Channel's mini-series Hatfields and McCoys. Anyone who is aware of Civil War era American history knows of this generational feud between these two infamous families. I recommend watching the series. Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Costner reunite to pull off an authentic, heart-tugging story of two men who preferred the taste of revenge to reconciliation.

The writers tell the story of "Devil Anse" Hatfield's desertion from the Confederate Army before the war is over. Randall McCoy, with whom Hatfield served, never forgave him for deserting. Add in a child of an unwed McCoy fathered by a Hatfield, a couple of revenge killings, and rivalry over timber lands, and you have the beginnings of a feud that lasted generations.

What caught my attention in the story was that Randall McCoy never let the Hatfield desertion go. He held on to it at every turn, and his hatred for Hatfield leaving him on the field of battle fueled every fire started between…