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We continued our investigation of the spiritual practices last Sunday by actually reflecting on a passage of Scripture during our worship time. If you want to hear how we did that, you can listen here.

I used the common rubric of asking these three questions:

So What?
Now What?

(Google those questions and you can see other applications of the questions.)

The passage we reflected upon was John 14:22-27. Why don't you give it a try?

Read the passage, then ask, What?about what you read. Who's speaking? What's going on around the conversation? Where are they? This involves the spiritual discipline of study.

Read the passage again, and then ask, So What? This is the spiritual discipline of meditation. This is listening to the Word of God through the Holy Spirit as God speaks to you about God, the world around you, and you.

Again, read the passage, and ask, Now What? This is the spiritual practice of simple obedience. What did you hear God say for you to do in the passage? Will you…