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The Prayers of a Mighty Man

I'm intrigued by the person of Samson in the Bible. (Judges 13-16)  Mainly because he had everything a man wants to be and have--including God's blessing--and he squandered it all for his own glory. With March Madness and the NFL Draft on the horizon, I wonder how many Samsons will be handed an opportunity of a lifetime and we watch them end up under a pile of rubble they pull down upon themselves like Samson.
We are observing the prayer life of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke as Legacy Church these days, and my thoughts drew me back to the prayer life of Samson. How does a man chosen by God and who has it all pray?
I observed in my book, An Angel in the Flame: a tale of two saviors,  Our storyteller records only two prayers of Samson: the first after he killed the thousand Philistines with the jawbone, the second just before his both cases, Samson asked God to serve him, rather than the other way around. (87) Samon's first prayer was filled with pride and presumpt…