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A Wish Come True

Few people ever have an idea and then see it happen. How many times have you heard someone say how much they wanted to do something significant only to fall back into their routine of normalcy? Kendall Brown is not one of those people.

I met Kendall when he was at youth camp and I was recruiting for Baylor University in the summer of 1973. At the First Baptist, Richardson camp he had such a reputation as a trouble maker (in a good way) Billy Crockett wrote a song about him. That was my introduction to Kendall--he was synonymous with fun-loving trouble and mischievousness. A doctor? Not so much.

He went to Baylor, married Becky (I did the wedding), entered med school, graduated, and set up his practice in North Dallas. They joined Legacy in 1993. He has played the drums and percussion in our worship band since, and he was also one of the first three or four riders in what is now Legacy Cyclists. (Second from left, the MS150 2007 team)

About a year ago, Dr. Brown, when he became the Chair…