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Showing posts from September 2, 2007

Worship Evangelism Derailed?

Sally Morgenthaler is known for her book and concept of “Worship Evangelism.” She has begun to re-think that idea…radical stuff. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article to get you going. “In 2000 I didn't have all of the numbers I have now, but I had seen enough to know what was happening. The contemporary church—including the praise-and-worship church, the worship evangelism church—was in a holy huddle, and I began to talk about it. It was excruciating. It was career suicide. But from pastors conferences to worship seminars to seminaries, I began challenging leaders to give up their mythologies about how they were reaching the unchurched on Sunday morning. Yes, worship openly and unapologetically. Yes, worship well and deeply. (Which means singing songs that may include anger, sadness, and despair. Have we forgotten that David did this? Have we discarded the psalms?) But let our deepened, honest worship be the overflow of what God does through us beyond our walls.” The rest of t…

An Austin Wedding and Worship

Kim and I are in Austin this weekend to perform the wedding of Ryan Shipley and Cate Johnson. Ryan's mother and step-father are Bobbie and Doug Otto, and have been family friends for a long time. Weddings of family friends are some of the greatest joys of being a pastor. Pray for Ryan and Cate as they begin this life-long journey together this evening.

The rehearsal dinner was at Chez-Zee. Go there is you have a chance! Awesome food and a fun place to eat. Thank you Doug and Bobbie for a wonderful meal and meaningful experience.

We worshiped with my nephew and Kim's best friend (and their friends and family and about 1500 others) this morning at Austin Stone Community Church. This church is doing the deal, and the next generation is participating with passion and great numbers. They do the basics well: worship, small groups, training, and making disciples. Chris Tomlin leads worship there regularly. He was not there today, but the worship was passionate and Matt Carter, the Past…