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Showing posts from September 23, 2007

A Wedding With Family and Friends

We traveled to Waco this past weekend to perform the wedding of Freeland Ackley and Brooke Chisum. Brooke is David Chisum's daughter, and we have been friends since the mid-80's. Storey and Brooke went to school together at PSHS, and Summer is in Tri Delta at Baylor, where Brooke was a member while at Baylor. One of the greatest joys of being a pastor is being part of the family events of friends.

The ceremony was special because Freeland and Brooke's first love is Christ and then each other. Their friends are great people, and love them deeply. It was an outdoor wedding and Freeland's Great Danes were the ring bearer and flower girl--and it still worked! It was hot, but the setting was beautiful and worth the sweat.

We got to spend time with our kidos, which is always a bonus. Storey and Graham continue to work on their fixer upper, and Summer is full swing into her student teaching. I even got a run in at Cameron Park, my favorite training spot for trail running. I sti…