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Showing posts from September 25, 2011

Serving the Poor

My trip to Bolaven Farms and the Bolaven Farms Cafe in Pakse, Lao, opened my eyes again to the plight of the poor and the church's too-often inadequate response to them. Our history has been short-term adventures for the curious follower of Jesus or conscientious global citizen who wants to help somone-either in their name or the name of Jesus. These short blasts of energy and supplies help for a season but do not change the life-condition of those helped.

What I like about the Bolaven Farms model is that the end game of all the work and investments is a sustainable way of life for the farmers. The vision is that in four years a farming family will own, work, and harvest their own coffee in order to support their family. This takes time, patience, and will not come easily. I appreciate Sam Say more each time I am with him because no matter his faults as a business owner or those who manage the farm he loves the farmers and truly wants them to have a new way of life both physically…