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Showing posts from April 10, 2011

A Legacy of Love

This past Saturday members from Legacy Church joined members from St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Community, Collin Creek Community Church, West Plano Presbyterian Church, and over 900 others for the Seton Soles 5K run/walk. 250 volunteers provided support and encouragement to all who participated.

The purpose of the run/walk was to raise funds for the Monsignor Henry V. Petter Endowment Fund, which exists to support "work in outreach and justice" in Plano and Collin County.

Henry Petter has served as a priest at St. Elizabeth Seton for almost twenty years, and he is a runner. He will retire in the near future, and he wanted his legacy to be something that dealt with the systemic issues that oppress and exclude people from the necessities of life. The church knew this and created the endowment in his name and the run to raise the funds.

Two things about the event please and challenge me. The first was, as Blair Richie of CCCC said Saturday morning, getting Catholics, Wesleyans, P…