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More 'me' than 'we?' What about the church?

USA Today recently reported on a study that concluded, "...U.S. society since 1960 has become increasingly focused on the self." I'm not sure we needed a study of 750,000 plus books written in the US the last 52 years to verify the shift from 'we' to 'me;' but, quantitative evidence helps the sometimes skeptical who may not be paying attention. Individualism is a prominent trend in our culture--and a threat to the church as it was created to be.
Let me jump to my question for discussion, "What does this trend have to do with the church, either the local church or as a movement of God's people?"
My first response is for us to look at the language of our worship songs and sermons since 1960. (Anyone out there looking for a PhD or DMin project?) My hunch is that our worship choruses have more "I's" and "Me's" than "Us's" and "We's." I do believe that trend is shifting some, but as a whole,…