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Showing posts from May 3, 2009

Orange and The MS 104

-Last Wednesday I headed to Atlanta (Duluth, actually) to attend the 2009 Orange Conference with some of our staff. Markus attended last year and said the family ministry they talked about may be a fit at Legacy. So I went with an open mind.

I found the concept of "Thinking Orange" invigorating and the family ministry model practical and applicable to Legacy and its mission field. I look forward to debriefing and testing the waters with what we saw and heard. Francis Chan and Nancy Beach were the highlights of the speakers, and the interview with Andy Stanley and Perry Noble was insightful.

Speaking of what we saw, the wall of lights that made up the stage was unbelievable. It was a full-sensory experience. (Wonder what that would cost?) The group had a blast, and I was honored to be with them. We also connected with ministry people fromCollin Creek Community Church and Grace Community Church, both within 3 miles of Legacy Church. Great to see churches sharing ministry togethe…