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Vital Signs and Romans

Four vital signs tell us if we are healthy or not. Our blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, and body temperature make up the baseline of our health. If one of them is out of normal, something is wrong. Many New Year's resolutions usually have something to do with bettering our vital signs.

Last year when I was teaching through 2 Peter I came across Peter's instructions to his readers to supply their faith with certain aspects of their life with Christ. (Check out 2 Peter 1:5-7 for his teaching.)

What caught my eye was not the list of characteristics--there are plenty of those in the New Testament--but his promise that if these "qualities" were present "in ever increasing measure," we would be effective and productive in our relationship with Jesus. (2 Peter 1:8, 9)

When I start a new season of growth I want to know about those things in my relationship with God that will make me effective and productive; that is, spiritually healthy. So, for the next s…