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Serve Sunday 2011

 Sunday, June 12, Legacy Church abandoned its usual routine of gathering to worship in music and word to live out our core value, "We are most like Jesus when we serve." (Mark 10:45) We gathered for instructions, prayer, and a song, then headed out to serve. Some groups started earlier that morning.

We spread out to serve two homes that were part of Plano's Love Where You Live program, two elementary schools through their PTAs, and the campus of Legacy Church. A group also serve the neighborhood around our campus by prayer walking through the streets and praying for the families there. 

It's a risk any time you do this during "regularly scheduled services" on a Sunday morning. You risk guests showing up to check you out (but what better way to demonstrate who you really are), forgetful members who show up not ready to work (they could run home and change and maybe read their weekly eletter and worship guide each week), and people sent by God seeking a spirit…