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Showing posts from April 24, 2011

Exponential, The Conference

I've been at the Exponential Conference in Orlando for over 24 hours now, and I have been impressed with the shared message of those who are leading it. Every clan has its tribal leaders, and Dave Ferguson and Alan Hirsch seem to be the chiefs who set the agenda, but many others add their take on all things "missional" here.

I heard Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson and their team first. Ferguson and Ferguson are the authors of Exponential, and starters of Community Christian Church in the Chicago area. Their "Leadership Path," while not new (what is?) is practical advice to help us develop leaders. The best quotes, "Don't skip a step" while training leaders and "Everything I learned about church planting, I learned in small groups."

Neil Cole woke me up this morning as he bounced through his original work, Organic Church. I had read (and read reviews of) his Organic Leadership with the Ph.D. cohorts at DBU, and had sensed he was really angr…