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Showing posts from March 27, 2011

The Tangible Kingdom

I knew the conference would be different. When we drove into the parking lot of the "For the City Center," hand written signs on paper sheets guided us to the entrance. No buses or vans emptied their cargo into the parking lot; normal people carpooling like Austin residents would want us to, climbed out of their cars and made their way to the building.

Inside, Austin Stone Community Church has done an awesome job to provide a contemporary and durable space for their intentions there. We registered and made our way into a gym-like room and sat around round tables--about 20 of them. M&M's and peanuts in plastic plates were our center piece and bowls turned over with a hand written number on it told us we were at table 6.

When we started Hugh Halter stood on our level between two white boards and before a screen with one-color, PowerPoint slides projected on it. Senior member Bob L sat on a stool to the side like a father watching his son bat at a Little League game.

I …