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Read 1 Samuel 1 and 2Hannah was a woman of faithfulness. She longed for a child, and she prayed diligently for one. Her prayers were filled with “bitterness of soul” and "weeping.” (1 Samuel 1:10)
Read the first chapter and listen to the prayers of Hannah. What was her vow to God? What are you facing in your life that you are wrestling with God about?
From May 7 to May 17, Kim and I saw our first grandchild and our youngest daughter graduated from college. Those were emotion-filled times. We now face an epic of our lives we have not yet known. Some of my prayers recently have been about how to be a grandfather and nurture two daughters who are on their own.There has been some "wrestling" going on about this...
Make your heart’s desires known to God.Know that He will hear as you pour out your soul, and trust He will answer with a deeper love and power than we can ever comprehend (Ephesians 3: 14-21).After God was true to His word through Eli, Hannah was true to her word to …


ReadJoshua 1:1-9 Joshua did not stop to pray and ask God for help. God came to him to assure His servant leader of His presence and power.
What was God’s promise to Joshua in verses 1 – 5?
How can you apply God’s words to your life today?God continued to encourage Joshua on his mission. Read verses 6-9. How many times did God tell Joshua to be "strong and courageous?" Read the verses first as God’s promise to Joshua and then read them as God’s word to you in whatever you do for Him today. Meditate on these words of promise as God’s word to you today.
Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood or place of work as you pray for God to reign “every place where you set your foot” (v. 3).I always need to hear God's words to "be strong and courageous." Like most people I befriend comfort over discipline and the easy way rather than the hard way. But God's call never leaves me comfortable or at ease, so I need to hear His words for me. By the way, I'd rather ru…


ReadExodus 33:7-23First observe how the Scriptures describe Moses’ relationship with God at the Tent of Meeting.
Do you have a “tent of meeting” where you can meet God? Also, the biblical writer said that “The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.” (v. 11) How would you describe your time of prayer with God?As you read the prayer conversation of God and Moses, speak Moses’ prayers and allow God to answer through His Spirit and the Scriptures. (v. 12-23)Also, pray our church body will crave a life of worship and will experience the joy of worship as individuals and as a church (v. 10).My "tent of meeting" is the dining room table. I come here every morning to write on the Scriptures, and it is in those morning hours I read, observe, describe and allow God to speak to me through His Word and Spirit. I'm not so sure I speak with God "as a man speaks with his friend," but I am relaxed and do not fear what God may say that day. I tr…

A Day of Prayer and Fasting, May 28

I have invited Legacy to join me in a day of prayer and fasting, Wednesday, May 28. We have scheduled four of these this year, and this is our second one. We began our summer series, Heroes of the Faith, this past Sunday, so I have offered the prayers of three of the heroes to guide our prayers tomorrow.
Here are some suggestions to prepare for tomorrow. I will post the prayers in the morning early and will comment on them throughout the day. I invite you to do the same.
A Prayer Guide for our Day of Prayer and FastingUse the prayers of heroes of the faith (posted in the morning) to guide your heart toward God in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. Read the stories around these prayers to know the events in which our heroes prayed.As you pray personal prayers for yourself and loved ones, remember to pray for LegacyChurch staff, Leadership Team, and volunteers in all areas.Pray that God will bless them with wisdom and that He will continue to choose us to make Himself known to Hi…

Memorial Day

Kim and I headed to Waco after the worship service at Legacy to see our new grand baby, Cambell. We will keep her while Storey and Graham go to dinner and the new Indiana Jones' movie. They were ready to get out, and we were ready to spend the evening with Cambell.

(Friday and Saturday nights Summer, Kim and I were part of Luke Knipe and Emily Michel's wedding. Summer and Emily grew up together since elementary school days.)

Speaking of movies, Summer and I saw Prince Caspian, the second installment of the Chronicles of Narnia series. It was great. I love that the "Kings and Queens of Narnia" are children and the unexpected leaders of Narnia. The storyline fits who God tends to choose for leaders in his rescue movement for people. I talked about this morning before we headed to Waco. You can here it here if you are not busy...

Got up this morning and wrote on Ekklesia (48-week) for an hour or so. This is a Bible study guide through the book of Acts. It will be out in Ju…