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Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Alan has successfully completed two weeks of work. He is working M/W/F and on T/Th he goes to therapy. Work has him in training classes to help jog some memory and familiarity with things and then has him listening to and learning from co-workers in any down time. He is really enjoying being back at work and is anxiously awaiting getting back in the saddle. His company has been really great through all of this; we are blessed to have them as his employer.

Alan continues to miracuously get better. God is so good. Alan's new glasses came in that are helping his vision a lot, and they look a lot better than the ones that were half covered with tape. His speech has just recently made great strides; we are hoping that it continues to do so. His gate, or the way he walks, is looking a lot more "normal" now and not so robotic, and although his left arm is getting stronger, he has decided to hold off on weight training until he can go to the gym and lift a decent amount without the majority of work being performed by his right side.

As a family, we are doing really good. We were struggling there for a little while but we are making some changes and have decided to seek counseling to help us get through this all. So, living life now is getting a little easier and I know we will survive this. God has shown his greatness once again and he is so worthy of our praise.

We ask that you continue to pray for Alan's healing specifically with his memory and speech and for Alan's and my relationship and Alan's and Xander's as well. We ask that you also praise God for the wonderful blessings that he has given us thus far with our health, healing, finances, strength and perserverance as well as for those yet to come.

Thank you for your friendship, your thoughts, and your prayers. We thank God for you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Fords