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One last word....


Well, it is January, the holidays are over, and so are those anticipated six months post injury. As I have mentioned before, the first six months are where he makes the most progress, and he has definitly done that. His speech is almost back to normal. His double vision is still present but continues to make itself less noticeable. His left side is doing so much better and though his left arm and shoulder are still not what they were, it is a miracle that it has come as far as it has. Alan is enjoying work and continues to work so hard. It has not gone unnoticed and his boss says that he will attend the next MIT program that they roll out in June. (This is training for a management postition, one he had just acquired the week before the accident, so after one year, he is back to where he was. Praise God.) His spirits are up though he does still struggle with his limitations and accepting what has happened to him as a whole. This is completely understandable and I just pray that God will help him figure it all out.

I ran and finished the marathon at White Rock on the 11th of Dec. I came in the top half of the women who competed, and considering I just didn't want to finish last, I am very pleased. I don't think you will find me running far distances lately as I think I got a little burnt out, but am still so grateful on the experience and what it meant for me to accomplish it with everything else that was going on.
We did in fact bring home a puppy. We call her Faith. A name we find pretty appropriate considering all that we have learned. She is loved so much by the kids and us...aside from when her puppy behaviors tend to stress us out a little.

As a family, we are doing the best we can considering all we have faced in the past several months. God continues to teach us and guide us and for that and his loving arms we are thankful. Thank you for your continued prayers over our family and our marriage. We would have never made it this far without you.


The Fords