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Another running partner!

On Saturday, July 8, I gave my daughter Storey in marriage to Graham Cook. The day was filled with every emotion from elation to grief, each one appropriate to this event in a family's life. You can read about how Storey and Graham met at their wedding website. Truth is stranger than fiction. No one could have orchestrated such a love story that began with Graham living in his future wife's room and house before he every met her.

So many friends and family members joined us for the celebration, and Kim and I, as well as Storey and Graham, were overwhelmed by the generosity and prayers for all of us. Our prayer is that the wedding was truly a celebration of Christ's love in this marriage.

Here's a picture of Storey and Graham coming into the wedding reception at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. The guys loved the Hall of Fame. When the food and small talk ran out, you could tour the facility. (One of my high school team mates, Louie Kelcher of Beaumont French HS, was inducted into the Texas HS Football Hall of Fame this year. This is the closest I'll ever come to any sports recognition.)

The wedding was held at DaySpring Baptist Church in Waco, where Kim's and my long-time friend, Burt Burleson, is the pastor. His wife Julie did the bridal portraits. This one's pretty awesome, I'd say.

Now, Graham is not a runner, but he is an outdoorsman and Storey and he love to camp out. I'm looking forward to some outdoor adventures with them in the future--that is, if I can get Kim to join us. She's not really the outdoor type, but she has camped before and seemed to like it...that once.

Storey and Graham are honeymooning just north of San Franciso in a little town called Mill Valley. They make daily treks into the city for the sites and food, but have really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of Mill Valley.

God has blessed Kim and me with a new son who loves Storey like we do and who has already become one of the Wilkes clan. I hope your experience our joy and anticipation of an incredible future when your children marry.