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Going to the Summit

I attended the Willow Creek Association's Leadership Summit this past weekend. Okay, I sat at the remote broadcast at First Baptist, Lewisville.

(By the way, I really can't gripe about the whole multi-site church movement. I sat and watched broadcast and video taped speakers for two and a half days and didn't think twice about needed to be in the room with the speaker. I hate it when my experience destroys my thoughts! I still believe live, in-the-room speakers are best...Until, of course, we open our first multi-site venue ;-)

I must admit that while all the information was awesome, my serendipity was the Bono interview. Yes, U2's lead man is doing more to call the church to global issues than any other religious figure at the time. This will sound strange, but he is Billy Graham to the younger generation, and they trust and join him. He really believes we can stop poverty in our time, and he has put the church on notice that we must join him or lose the trust of those who care about such things. I think he's right. Check out

The killer moment for me was the parade of changed lives after Hybels' final talk on Saturday morning. I am toast when I see people who have been changed by Christ. That's why I do what I do. I told several guys with me that we have been so freakin' distracted the last three years on internal junk that it's time to return to why we are Legacy. I long for the time when we are loving our friends far from God and not holding each other's hands because we're afraid of the dark.

I am looking forward to finding out what the rest of the attenders discovered...