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Back in the US of A

Made it home Friday about 1600 Plano time. Eight days on foot made driving from the airport a treat (?). Actually, the urban transportation scene is not so bad. Sure saves on all the stuff that goes with cars. However, I'm sure I would long for the wide-open spaces of suburban travel after a little while.

I said good-bye to Kenny and his father about 0615 at the Chengdu airport and began my 22-hour trek home. I made all the connections and had a little lay over in Beijing. They really have clamped down on the pollution there, and the skies were much clearer than anywhere we had been in the county. They were building at the airport to prepare for the 2008 Summer Olympics which will be hosted by the country. They'll make it. Every country seems to when its their time.

I am looking forward to re-connecting with everyone who is Legacy and sharing God's future for us together.

I return with a renewed certainty that the ekklesia is alive and well the world over and that we still tend to make it too complicated over here. I know the people there would love to have our heritage, training tools, and knowledge to reach and equip other followers, but I am not sure they would want all the trappings we have added to the basics of a relationship with Christ and a relationship with each other. But, every ekklesia must contextualize itself to its mission field, and in that we are on track.