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China - Day 1

Monday here was a full day of travel. We got up in time for a Starbucks...$29.00 HK, about the same as home. I could get convicted if that number kept coming up at the cash register at home. Btw, we ended the day at a St. Arbucks in the China Mayors Plaza in Guangzhou.

We left Hong Kong in the MTR about 11:00 a.m. local time, and took the train to the border town of Lo Wu. Here's the Lavern Hilton (500 sq. ft. flat, 13,500 $HK/month, on the 19th floor) where we connected every day while Hong Kong.

We got through customs and then went shopping for unauthentic merchandise and ate lunch in Shenzhen. Here's a picture of the train station we entered to go into the mainland and a look at the mall where we did the wheeling and dealing for our goods. (Okay, Kenny did. I just paid.)

We will spend our day training leaders today. Please remember us. Thank you for the books you provided for us to use and leave with the leaders.