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China - Day 2

We spent the day teaching through the book with leaders who gathered from across the city. Five different groups were represented. We went from 0900 to 1630 with a bring-in lunch. The fellowship was warm, and the people were so receptive of the content of the book.

Kenny did an awesome job of translating, the harder part of the duo. He bailed me out on an occasion or two. This is a great partnership.

We ended the day at an Indian restaurant Kenny came to often when he worked here for six months several years ago. He went back to Chengdu after that stay.

Here's a shot from the flat that was our central connecting place while here. The view and the surroundings were cosmopolitan and very livable. It's a good location for the work being done there.

Oh yeah, you can get anything here, cheap! But you may not get exactly what you thought you were getting. Check out the logo on these sandals.