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China - Day 4 (actually 3, but who's counting)

This morning I rose after a great night's sleep at the Zheng's flat. Kenny had told me they had learned to make the products from a class taught by foreigners, and soon found a niche market here for homemade salsa, chips, and tortillas.

Yes, this Chinese couple is making a living providing Mexican food to Americans and Latinos in the city...of 12 million, I might add. They were up until midnight and up at 0600 filling orders. Here's picture of what I call "Betty's Tortilla Factory." It's the kitchen of their flat. (Btw, they hand deliver every order using public transportation. Now, that's business.

I had a sample of their wares this morning for breakfast (along with traditional Chinese vegetables and scrambled eggs). I'd order some for my next gathering!

Kenny has a friend who taught him English at the university he graduated from, and the teacher invited me to the class as an English speaker so the students could ask me questions. They were kind and asked questions typical university students would ask. They wanted to know about how American men got girls to like them, what our parties were like, and where we would go on our "national day?" (Theirs is October 1, and they get a 7-day break during "October Holiday.")

The Chinese LOVE American basketball! They wanted to know why some key American basketball players did not play in world tournaments like the 2006 World Championships that just finished in Japan. "Leo" asked what I thought of the Mavericks inability to complete the series with the Heat, and he said Dallas was his favorite team and they would win it all next year! Most of the guys knew the key players.

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One other thing I noticed. The college girls carry umbrellas. I thought that was because of the heat, but I was told that is to keep the sun off of them because light colored skin is favored here. Funny how American girls want to be tan and the Chinese want to be whiter.

We had to go to the Starbucks before heading to where we will be for the afternoon and evening. They actually have four stores in the city, part of an agreement to grow its presence in Southern China.

This will probably be my last post until I get home, since I leave at 0700 from here to start the trek home Friday morning. Should be there by Friday evening (I get back the day I lost coming over) as scheduled.