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Cotton Patch Classic

I rode the Cotton Patch Classic , a 63-mile tour in the rolling hills of North East Texas, this morning with some of the guys I rode the HH100. It started in downtown Greenville, TX, as part of their Rally Round Greenville festivities.

When I walked out this morning about 6:00, I realized it had not cooled down a degree from the day before. It was humid AND the wind was already blowing. I clicked on and saw the high would be in the 90's F and a steady wind would blow from the south all day.

The route turned out to be more hilly than I had hoped, and the wind lived up to its potential. The last 10 miles were into the wind, and I was glad we did not have 37 more miles to go at the finish.

Thanks Jim, Kevin, Keith and John for a good ride. We celebrated by stopping outside McKinney on the way home at the Bel Air's and Burgers (no, they don't have a webpage) for a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake, my diet buster after a long ride or run.

Kim left before I got home to go through Waco and pick up Summer on the way to the A&M vs Army game in San Antonio. One of Summer's classmates from PSHS plays for Army. I'm jealous of their opportunity to see that game.

I'll be here, however, at Legacy on Sunday morning to start our new series, "We Help People Trust Jesus." Check it out. It is core to what we do as Christ followers.