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Hong Kong - Day 2p

Today we took the tram to do some sightseeing. These have been in use since the late 1800's. No A/C but you get the sights, sounds, and smells of the city this way.

We saw the world's longest escalator...built for shopping! It does beat climbing all those stairs, for sure. It was about 94 degrees F with humidity about the same. The sweat was worth it, however.

We did go through a traditional street market. I challenged the guys to buy the ingredients for lunch and go back to the apartment and cook, but we settled for fast-food Chinese instead.

We got home in time to shower and rest a little before heading to HKIBC to lead a seminar for ministry leaders in the church. It was truly an international group from the mainland to Australia and beyond. I will preach here in the morning.

I took the chance to tell the story of how God put this trip together and Legacy's support of what we were doing. You are truly equipping leaders beyond our Jerusalem. The group was responsive, and the church plans to use the materials to train their leaders. I was also able to give a copy of the book that has been translated into Korean to one of the workers who trains church leaders there.