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A running and riding weekend

I had a busy weekend, but I like it that way sometimes. Friday started with a men's group at Legacy. We're going through Larry Burkett's Business by the Book. Friday's session on leadership was one of the best I've heard/seen in a long time--of course, they emphasized servant leadership, so, I had a bias going in.

After time in the office to prepare for Legacy's annual church conference on Sunday evening, I headed out to Lake Grapevine to help set up for NTTR's Rockledge Rumble that was held on Saturday. The weather was perfect for an autumn afternoon. We enjoyed setting up the start/finish line pavilion and marking the trails for the runners the next day.

Friday night I enjoyed the PSHS-Richardson HS football game sitting with the Browns, Piepers, Stones, and Harrods. If you are not playing, sporting events are best viewed with good friends. It makes for "insightful" comments and critiques of all that is happening. It's also warmer when you can sit in a huddle to keep the wind off each other!

I was up Saturday morning at 0500 to head to the lake. I am easing back into running after a summer of riding, and I planned on completing the 30K run. It was about 40 degrees and windy at the start, but it turned out to be an ideal day for running. The run is put on in honor of military veterans, I had the privilege of saying a prayer of blessing at the opening ceremonies for them. The trail was ideal, and the temp warmed up to perfect conditions. I got to run with my good friend and running mentor, Jay Norman. He's 68 and still running! He is pretty much the heart and soul of NTTR, and I am honored to know him. We ran most of the way together, but he let me go about 3/4 of the way, and I was able to finish strong. Hey, finishing in the top half is a big deal for me! (The state champion 50K winner finished only about 30 minutes after me...Amazing--his speed, and my slowness!)

I stuck around for the post-race red beans and rice feast, conversation with friends, and headed back home for the rest of the day. Kim and I had dinner with my sister, and then she came over, and they made me watch The Lake House "starring" Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Shoot me in the head! But, I had already done my manly thing that day, so, I sat through it. The two of them were so much better in Speed.

Sunday morning at Legacy was great. After almost 20 years there, I still get fired up going to worship and serve with the people who are Legacy. The worship was awesome, and I felt good about the message I brought to the church.

Immediately following the worship time, I got a quick lunch with Kim (at Taco Bueno, surprise!) and headed down to Richardson to participate in the Freedom Flags Relay for the Troops. Jim Craig, one of my riding buddies, coordinated the event. The relay carries flags flown in Iraq from LA to Washington DC to raise awareness for Wounded Warriors, and non-profit that cares for the families of fallen and wounded soldiers. Jim invited me to carry one of the eight flags carried cross country by the different groups. Congressman Sam Johnson, Gary Slagel, Mayor of Richardson, and John Folsom, the founder of Wounded Warriors were part of the relay ceremonies.

We received the flags from about 200 Harley riders, most of whom were members of the Kingdom Knights, and made our way on bicycles, most of whom were connected to the Richardson Bike Mart, to SMU where the flags were to be kept overnight. The ride was great, and the camaraderie was wonderful. I met some new friends and reconnected with riders who had ridden together this summer. I had to bail about two miles north of the campus and hightail it back to Richardson in time for the church conference at 6:30 p.m. I turned around about 4:30. Thanks to Bikin Mike, who knew the way back home and paced us well, I made it back to the start of the ride by 5:20 and to Legacy by 6:10; a 24-mile round trip ride.

The All Church Conference went well. The spirit was relaxed, and we spoke frankly about where were are and the opportunities God has provided for us. After a trip to the grocery store to buy the week's supplies, I fell into bed about 10:30. Tired, but grateful to all that had happened in the past 72 hours.