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Ultracentric and A Walk in the Park

Saturday was one of those days you hope would happen more often, but they seldom do. It was a day of rest and re-creation, which Kim and I both needed.

Kim started her day at the PSHS Wrestling match. She went to support three of her students who wrestled on the team. Neither of us know about the sport other than somebody wins after two guys throw each other around inside a circle for a certain amount of time. Kim's a good teacher because she does more than just teach the classes assigned to her.

I headed out about 4:00 a.m. to work an aid station at the Ultracentric run. This was the site of the the 2006 National 24 Hour Run Championship. Those who won this race would make the USA team for the World Cup 24 Hour Run in Canada next July. No, really. They get to do that...

The racers included the Ultramarathon Man, Dean Karnaze, who had just run 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states two weeks ago. Jesse Itzler, the 100-mile man, who raised a million dollars for ten charities as a result of his run. The winner, Alex Swenson, covered just over 146 miles in the 24 hours. Amazing.

Added to this event were runs of 48, 12 and 6 hours. Just when you thought 24 hours of running was insane, 20 people ran for 48 hours! That winner, Butch Allmon, from Fort Worth and a member of the trail running club I run with, NTTR, covered almost 183 miles in two days. Nuts, but what else was there to do this weekend? You can see pictures of these people here.

After a four-hour shift and visits with runners and aid station hosts I knew, I head home for a nap. Kim got home about 2:00 p.m., and we headed out to Arbor Hills Park to walk Maddie. All three of us were in nature's heaven walking the dirt trails among the oak, maple, and mesquite trees, most of which were changing colors in the November afternoon. My best friend and my dog off leash on trails in the woods in a 65-degree autumn day in Texas...couldn't ask for much more!

We got home in time to change and head to our favorite Chinese food restaurant in Plano. We then returned home and watched two episodes of Grey's Anatomy we had DVR'd. I checked in on the big football games occasionally, and when we had finished, we called it a day, and Kim headed off to write a pre-cal test and I to read.

Now that was a Saturday...I woke Sunday morning refreshed and ready to preach and serve. How about your Saturday?