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A Christmas Tradition

We made our annual trek downtown to the Mort Meyerson Symphony Center for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Symphony Chorus' annual Christmas Celebration Saturday, December 23. We have made this trip for the last ten years with a group of families whose children have grown up together since kindergarten. This year's performance was a wonderful as any of them.

The Photo of the girls are Summer's friends who played T-ball and soccer together starting their first grade year. Different dads served as coaches, and moms did the snack and hair thing. They were never really a sports team, but a sorority. Only one actually played sports in high school.

Amazingly, they all stayed friends through high school and keep in touch throughout the year. They went to different colleges: Baylor, A&M, Emory, Mizou, and SMU, and usually reconnect every Christmas break. They set everything aside to make the trip to the Meyerson. It's a very special thing to be in a community of families.

Here is a picture of Kim and her mother, Frankye, after the performance. See any resemblances?

It was an ideal evening except Storey was with her new family in California. We missed her...most of her buddies from the same families were with us, too...but we know she is where she is supposed to me and hope one day she will find a family of friends like the one she has known growing up.