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High School Musical

My twenty-year old college student came home this weekend, and she brought home her stack of DVDs. I was rambling through the sack of films when I came across High School Musical. I had heard recently that the music from the film was among the most downloaded on iTunes this year. (I can't verify is in this week's top ten soundtrack downloads) So, based on the popularity of the film, and it was in my hand, and I had time to kill while Kim was getting ready for one of our Christmas parties, I dropped it into the DVD player.

The film and storyline are definitely Disney World, but it was fun. It is also Kim's ideal life. She would love it if someday she would be walking down the halls of school where she teaches and she was humming a tune, and soon every student would know the tune, words and dance steps and with music blarring over the school sound system they would move in sync and sing in harmony until the bell rang. The closing scene around "We're all in this together" is what High School should be to her.

When Summer got home and saw I had watched it, she said "shut up" (which doesn't mean what it did when I was her age), and we went right to the main menu. For the next hour I got a glimpse into what she and her roomates did with their spare time...learn ALL the words and dance steps to the songs.

It's all a dream that will never come true, but for a moment every team wins, enemies are frineds, and the jocks, brains, cheerleaders, and skaters are all together dancing in step on the gymn floor. That's what film is for, isn't it?

(The "Get your head in the game" scene was really silly, but a great skit for the next pep rally, huh, Kim?)