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Leading With A Limp

I started reading Dan Allender's latest, Leading with a Limp. I'm reading it with a group of pastors who have covenated to meet monthly to share life and books. It's been a while since I have been part of a group like this, and the timing is right for me.

The class I taught for BHCTI on "leadership in ministry," wet my appetite for this peer learning/support experience again. And, by the way, I will add Allender to my reading list next time.

I like Allender's honest, frank approach to leadership. His insights grow out of his own leadership lessons learned while birthing Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle. I just started, and I will keep you posted as I go, but here's the gist of his message; one which I continually experience and endorse. (Okay, not fully, but who does?)
  • If you are a leader, you are in the battle of your life. (1)
  • the degree you face and name and deal with your failures as a leader, to that same extent you will create and environment conducive to growing and retaining productive and committed colleagues. (2)
  • As an act of leadership, consider the risk of giving up your life through facing, naming, and bearing your weaknesses, and imagine the paradoxical yet promised benefits. (8)

He's touched on my hardest part of leading: humbly admitting my mistakes to those I lead. I would rather run, read, or go to a movie...maybe even the dentist...than do that. So, the timing is good, and the discussions will be great.

Pick up a copy and read with me. The group meets next on January 15, you've got time.

An aside: Allender's take on leadership is really different than that of Herod in the Christmas story! Check out Matthew 2:16, 17 to remember his style of leadership. Machiavelli must have received some inspiration from him.