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Weddings with Friends

One of my favorite parts of this stage of life is going to the weddings of friends' children. Kim and I flew down to Harlingen, Texas Friday for the wedding of Brit Knighton (son of Neal and Jane of the Red River Gang) and Christina Quiroz, a beautiful girl he met while they were on a mission trip together with Antioch Community Church, Waco. Jim Johnson, Pastor of Preston Trail Community Church in Frisco and long-time friend, performed the ceremony.

It was not only marriage of two people but of two cultures. English and Spanish were part of the celebration and some of the traditions from Christiana's heritage were in the ceremony. They incorporated parts of the Padrinos Ceremony, which were symbolically meaningful to this Gringo. Family members of the Bride provide a Bible, cushions to kneel on for prayer, and a "lazo," a large loop of beads and cord placed in a figure eight shape around the couple that signifies unity in their marriage, for the couple. Both sets of parents stood and placed hands on the couple while her pastor prayed in their native tongue and theological tradition.

Back home to Dallas this afternoon for the wedding of one of "Legacy's children," Sarah Maruhin, and a best friend of our oldest, Storey. We look forward to sharing the joy of seeing another child of friends pass through this rite of marriage.