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We continued to have great moments of inspiration and re-creation while in San Diego. I am grateful to Legacy Church for the opportunity to get away with Kim, Kenyon, and Libby. You will sense a freshness in me as we reconnect after four days apart.
Here you see me next to the Rolls Royce, which was our rent car for the week. It was a bit of a stretch to fit it into the budget, but we thought the value was worth it. NOT! Hey, it was sitting in the parking lot, and I thought it would be a good pic. Nice, huh?

We got away on Thursday afternoon to see the Hotel del Coronado . Here are Kim and Libby down by the shore. It was cool and breezy, but wonderful!
After the beach, we headed to Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. We strolled through a hacienda on the site, and then had dinner at a local Mexican cafe...very good.

Eugene Peterson's presentation on Friday morning was the highlight of the trip for me. He answered the question, "What is a pastor good for?" He reminded us our job was to love the congregation we did not choose. The quote that struck me was, "The congregation we wanted became the enemy of the congregation we had." I was quiet for a while after that.

That afternoon, we had lunch on Mission Beach and then drove over to La Jolla Beach to see the seals. That was quiet a site to be that close to the seals and see them sunning. The seal puppies were great. Funny how quick they were in the water and so clumsy on the beach. A sermon illustration there somewhere.
Here are Kenyon and I on the edge of the ocean...and working 24/7 even in the airport on the way home...