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Kim and I will never be able to put into words what we felt by Legacy Church's actions and words toward us this past Sunday as they honored our twenty years of ministry with them. We truly had no idea that they would do so much to honor us. The gift of the summer sabbatical was more than enough, but the words of encouragement made us feel appreciated and loved. I will let our moments of speechlessness in our tears speak for the depth to which they touched us.

My entire family (extended, too) was there, along with friends from what Kim and I call, "The Red River Gang," friends we have stayed connected to since college. Others who had been part of Legacy came to join in the celebration. We were blown away.

I believe the day was momentous for all of us. Legacy's reminder of what being a church family really is affirmed God’s call on my life as the pastor of a local church. After twenty years, it is natural to wonder if I should be “doing more,” but Sunday reminded me there is nothing greater than being part a group of Christ-followers who help people trust Jesus and to see the life change He brings. There is no “more” than that.

Everything said and done was a blessing to us and built up the church—even David Chisum’s dressing me down about my ultra running. Only a true friend can point out your craziness and still love you.

We are grateful for the kind words, cards, and gifts of laughter and memories together. I have always said “I get to be pastor here.” I still mean that. Being Legacy's Pastor is a privilege that I never could have sought and something for which I would not trade. We look forward to many more seasons of ministry together with Legacy.