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Mission Accomplished!

All seven Legacy Cyclists finished the Frisco to Fort Worth MS 150 mile ride this past weekend! The ride was challenging with wind, rain and hills adding to the fun! The guys I rode with were the best.

From left to right: John Huber, Kendall Brown, Frank Usnick, me, Jim Berger, and Jim Craig. (See Keith Giddens between John and Kendall with us at the starting line on Saturday.)

The team raised over $20,000 for MS (Jim Craig raised over $16,000 of that) and carried "Champions Against MS" bandannas for the following people: Jan Rayburn, George and Melisa Feledichuk, Tammy Whitt, Marion Creech, James and Jody Kelley, Lisa Patton, Aunt Anita

We have until June 3 to complete our fundraising so, if you would like to donate to the team's total through me, go here.

We weren't the only Legacy Church participants in the event. Jacky & Ashley Johnson and Patsy, Cassie, and Olivia Weinberg volunteered at the check-in area Friday night and Joe Feather rode for his Ti Quan Do team while Rhonda, Graham and Audrey volunteered at the lunch stop on Saturday (serving in the pouring rain!). Beth and Christine Usnick volunteered by serving dinner at the Texas Motor Speedway Tent City area on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning we started the ride on the apron of the raceway at TMS. Here's Jim Berger queuing up for the start in pit row.

Here's Frank and me at Saturday night dinner. He's not as excited about the next day as I was, I guess.

Saturday was wind and rain (hard rain) and Sunday was wind and hills, but as we rode we knew those we rode for dealt with more challenges than these every day of their lives. I was humbled and honored to ride with the team and for those who live with MS every day. Please pray for them and do all you can to serve others in the name of Jesus.

Oh yeah, after the ride on Saturday we all got a massage from one of the Bike Mart masseuses. The smiling woman is who worked on me. I called her the "Queen of Pain." Click on the image to see the face of the guy she is working on...that's how I felt the entire time, but it was sure worth it on Sunday!

If you would like to ride with us, we meet every Sunday evening at Legacy Church at 5:00 p.m. and ride about 25 miles each night. Next team rides: Collin Classic (June 9) and HH100 (Aug 25).