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We made it to Sonscape Thursday as planned. It was a long day of travel, but the investment was well spent when we drove up to the Sonscape retreat center.

Here are Kim and I in the general meeting area where the group of a missionary couple from Kenya, a missionary couple from Mexico, a missionary from Singapore and a single pastor from Michigan meet with the host couple to process our lives together. It has been an awesome experience so far, and the group has meshed well. We all have unique stories from unique cultures so the discussion is great...and we all have our stuff, which is the point of the retreat, so, we fit right in with everyone.

Here is the main room where we meet. Most of the talk is around the Myers-Briggs Type results we completed before we came and how who we are affects our relationships and ministries. Kim and I are opposites (surprise!), but this reminds us again how we really do "complete" each other.

Next to the meeting room is the dinning room where we all eat together. Eating around a table together opens everyone to share their stories. The food is awesome (too much of it) and the atmosphere is warm.

We don't sit around and talk and learn from the leaders. We have time to rest, read, and, yes, you guessed it, time to run in the Pike National Forest that is adjacent to the property. I have found my places of prayer and re-creation on those trails. I never feel closer to God than in His creation.

Kim and I are having a blast. Here we are on the porch of the main meeting room with Pike's Peak in the background. As you can see from our expressions. We are enjoying it all.

Here's a shot of our cabin. The hosts have thought of everything, and our accommodations and hospitality our the best! You have truly given us a gift of re-creation.

And it's only Day 3! Thank you for the opportunity to be here. We'll post some more later to let you know how its going.