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A Winter's Work

I recieved a copy of the resource I wrote for Life Bible Study the other day. I wrote it through the cold winter months early in the mornings--my favorite time of the day. It is a supplement to the online adult Bible Study literature that launched earlier this year. The group is connected to the online student material I have written for before, StudentLife Bible Study.

The resource is an "inductive Bible Study lite" through the Old Testament. It's 48 weeks or chapters with 5 sections (days) in each chapter/week. If you want to see a sample of the contents, click here.

Calvin Miller wrote the Forward. He's a good friend who believes in me more than I do!

I hope to write the next two for the series.

I'm headed off on sabbatical later this week. Kim and I will post pictures and dairies of our trip that Legacy Church gave to us as part of our 20th anniversary celebration of ministry with them.