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"The best day of my life!" Kim

That was Kim's quote as we saw the second pod of Orca Whales off the coast of Vancouver Island yesterday afternoon. We spent 3 hours with the crew (Brad and Liz pictured) from Prince of Whales and discovered why people get so fired up at seeing these creatures in their natural habitat and are not fans of keeping them in captivity.

Other than their magnificent presence, Kim likes the fact that the children stay with their mothers for life! Yes, even males will go off and mate then come home to their mothers. A bit strange from my perspective, but she thought is was cool.

Here's a pic Kim took, check out the blog and pics from our trip yesterday. Yes, we saw those whales and what they did yesterday. (They had telephoto lenses and real cameras.) The crew knows the whales by their markings and habits, and we felt like we were riding out to their hometown and being introduced to their neighbors.

We came home to a dinner near the Inner Harbour and shopping. A good day.

Off to a Greyline tour. Yep, I;m Tim Tourist today.