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More Red River

The week has been so filled with activity--and the fact this town has limited internet connectivity--I have not taken time to post much. So, here's a summary of the week.

Monday afternoon (left to right) Graham, me, Kyle, Clint, and Johnathan headed out to Lost Lake (12,000+ ft) where we camped for the night and the summited Wheeler Peak (13,161 ft.) on Tuesday morning. We got rained on some, but the trails were magnificent, and the view from our campsite was unbelievable. (You could hear that waterfall all the time, and it made sleeping easy.)

After our ascent of Wheeler, we headed back down to town for a night at the Community Center and late night talks with friends.

On Wednesday, we hiked up to Middle Fork Lake with a group led by Kyle, who is the Community Center rec director and a member of the Red River gang we vacation with each year.

Here are some of the adults who made the 4-mile, 2,000 foot elevation change, with us. Most of the trail followed the river down the valley. God did good up here.

That evening we took our four-wheel drive vehicles up the Old Pass into Red River. This was the only way into the town until the mid-70's. Switchbacks on mountain roads. You had to want to be here if you came back then.

When we got there, we cooked out. Here's a group of the children who have grown up coming to Red River. Kyle is the smiling guy, and you can see me in some serious discussion in the background. I was probably upset we forgot the Hershey bars for the smores.

This morning we rented jeeps and drove in an 8-jeep caravan up to Cabresto Lake. We cooked breakfast burritos there and enjoyed the sun and scenery. That's Graham and I cooking the sausage before we started the eggs.

We have had a wonderful week with our friends and Storey and Graham. We are blessed to have had these friends through the years and to share so much of their lives with them.

The lake setting was a rough jeep ride away, but worth every bump and switch back. Here's the view away from the crowd gathered for breakfast.

We head out to ABQ airport in the morning and then to Pine Cove for the weekend to see Summer.

I'll be back in the office August 1, and I'll be rested and ready to join you again in ministry where God has planted us.