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Red River, NM

Saturday we traveled from Vancouver, BC to Red River, NM via DFW.

Sunday morning I preached at the Community House worship service. This is a non-denominational worship service that reminded me of my home church growing up in Beaumont 40 years ago. (We ended the service with the old song "Church in the Wildwood" and held hands singing "The Family of God.") The spirit was great, and the people were welcoming and open to what I had to say.

The Baylor friends were not disruptive in the service as they had warned they would (jokingly), and a friend I run with on Saturday morning brought his family from Angel Fire to be there. It was a wonderful experience. (We didn't make the "congregational singing" at 7:00.)

That evening we gathered at Sundance Mexican restaurant for dinner. You can see some of us at two tables in the picture. We had a table for 25, and that's down from other years when every one was able to make it. We are so glad Storey and Graham are here with us. She grew up coming here with these families, and it's cool she is married and continuing the tradition.

The last picture is me on one of the porches at Riverside Lodge where we are staying and a new friend who wanted one of the nuts I was eating.

Today, Kim and Storey are headed to Toas to shop with a group and Graham and I hiking to Lost Lake to camp for the night and then Wheeler Peak the next morning with a smaller group. I praying the weather holds...