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Regent College

We traveled from Whistler back to Vancouver Sunday evening after an amazing day in the mountain resort. We noticed that while in the winter you have skiers walking from the slopes to their cars or hotels, in the summer you have cyclists doing the same. Mountain biking is huge here. Next week is a big Xtreme style bike festival there. (Watch the video. They are nuts)

We did see some skiers and snow boarders who were coming down from slopes on the upper glaciers. You take two chair lifts, a bus, then another chairlift to get to the t-bars that carry you up the glacier...IN JULY!

On the way home we continued to marvel at the scenery. The outcrop at the top of the page is outside Squamish. How would you like that for a backdrop for going to work every day?

The other picture is toward Vancouver from a "viewpoint" along Highway 99. Even digital pics cannot capture what you experience as you stand and look at God's awesome creation.

We made our way to the Carey Centre on the campus of UBC, our residence for the week. The accommodations are comfortable, and the campus is beautiful. I got up this morning and ran on the perimeter of the campus, dropping down to the beach on Trail 6 and back up on Trail 4--with over 350 steps! Killer cardio workout if you are ever here ;-)

I began classes at Regent College with Dr. Gordon Fee this morning. I "met" Dr. Fee through his commentary on 1 Corinthians, which he is teaching this 2-week session. I'd recommend it to you if you don't have it. It's the best one out there, in my opinion. I'm auditing the class for the week, so, I'll miss some of the good stuff, but we got off to a great start this morning.

I'm ready to tackle 1 Corinthians 1:16-2:16 in the morning. He's on the committee for the TNIV, so we'll use that.

The first assignment was to read the entire letter out loud in one sitting before doing any work with the letter. He reminded us that only about 18% of the population then was literate and letters like this one from Paul to the church were read to the group by one person. Retention and attention were much different then. Kim will read it to me tonight before we go to sleep. Try it, and let me know what you get from it.

We are a little homesick today, but we are still savoring everything Legacy has provided for us. Just wish some of you were here to enjoy it with us.