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Rest, then This

I had a great weekend with my parents at their place outside Grapeland, TX. They live on about 90 acres, and I always enjoy going to rest and catch up on what's happening in their lives. My oldest sister, LaVona, and my baby sister, Barbara, were there. Barbara's husband and daughter and her husband were there with the newest great grand child, Madeline. We had a blast (the kind you have at a farm--feeding cows, homemade ice cream and games, running the dogs, extended mealtimes, and dial-up Internet service), and I did rest. Something about being home that let's you relax like no place else.

Kim and Summer made it down for less than 24 hours. Summer only gets that much time on weekends between groups that come to Pine Cove. By the way, she got her passport after Kim drove to Waco yesterday to meet the FedEx guy and Summer drove from Tyler to get it from her. Quite an odyssey. Summer leaves tomorrow for Costa Rica and her mission camp there. (I'll let you know the details before we leave.)

I came home to Kim's summer project: painting the house! We got some money from a writing project and she's been wanting to get this done, so, here it is! It's coffee shops and fast food until tomorrow when we get everything thing ready for our house guests while we are in Canada.

Here's Kim's best friend Roz from Austin who's up for a couple of days in the midst of the chaos.
Off to get some breakfast and write at a new coffee shop, It's A Grind! I like the coffee, and it's free WiFi.