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To Whistler

Yesterday we ate breakfast at the hotel, which was quite good, and took the Grayline Bus Tour through Victoria. It was informative and the tour guy, Bob--how do we keep coming up with Bobs everywhere we go?--did a great job. We ended the tour, shopped a bit more, and then headed off on the next leg of our journey.

We spent the rest of the day driving and floating from Victoria to Whistler. Highway 1, the Trans-Canadian highway on Vancouver Island, which begins at "Mile 0" in Victoria, is a ride you have to take. After the ferry ride to Horseshoe Bay and on our trip up Highway 99 to Whistler, all Kim and I could say to each other was "Oh my, I've never seen anything this beautiful." Then we'd be quiet for a while and say it again. God did some good work up here. I know why Bruce and Jill Walpole arranged this part the trip.

Vancouver and Whistler will be the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. So, as we got closer to Whistler ski area where we are staying, we began to see the "official site" signs for the Alpine events, Athletes Village, and Sliding events. We'll be able to say, "We were there in 2007 when we were on sabbatical." Get ready to hear that a lot.

We got to our hotel, the Summit Lodge, about 8:00 p.m. It was still light, so, we checked in and found our way to a French Crepe Restaurant for dinner. You guys are spoiling us. Taco Bueno and Panda Express will just not be the same when we get back.

While Kim caught up on her sleep this morning, I watched the final hour of the Tour de France and listened to Kenyon's message from last Sunday. (No, we will not run sporting events on the big screens while I teach when I get back.) Thanks for the background and application, Kenyon. You and I have an opportunity to practice radical honesty as Christ followers after that.

(Last week I was at my parent's church, First Baptist Church, Grapeland. Literally world's apart from Legacy and Canada, but it's good to know the Gospel flourishes wherever it is planted.)

We're off to see the sights around town and then to Vancouver tonight where we'll be all next week...