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Victoria, British Columbia

Today was a travel day, and we made it to Victoria, Canada. Thanks to Tammy D who got us to the plane on time, we made our destination even after we were held up at the port of entry because Kim had no proof of citizenship. Seems what gets you on the plane from the USA to Canada is not adequate to let you into the country, but the border officer finally was satisfied after some questions, and he sent us through. (I hope Kim can get home ;-)

The ferry ride to Vancouver Island and Victoria was spectacular! No whale sightings, but the coastline was beautiful and the weather is awesome.

We are staying at the Gatsby Mansion Inn, a 19th century home turned into a hotel. The rooms are snug, but have great personality. Here are pictures of Kim in our room, me on the porch eating dinner (scallops and salmon, chocolate tart for desert), a picture of the front of the hotel, and the view from the porch toward the harbor. Wonderful!

Kim and I had an hour plus dinner and conversation and wanted to walk along the harbor, but the clock caught up with us. We are chilling in the room tonight and planning tomorrow.

What is different here than home? People ride bicycles everywhere! There is a bike lane on every street and highway. You see people in work clothes as well as in racing gear. I would love that to be possible back home...of course, the weather has a lot to do with it. These people don't smell like a dog riding in the back of a pickup when they get to work on their bikes.

I'm running along Dallas Road in the morning. Can't wait to see the sunrise on this side of the continent.