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Teaching Again and HH100

I taught my first class for Dallas Baptist University last night at their North Campus. I am teaching the Biblical Servant Leadership course , which is a core class for the Master level degrees in the Graduate School of Leadership. There are eight students in the class, working for degrees like the Masters in Global Leadership and Masters of Arts in Christian Education. The students come from varied ministry and vocational backgrounds, and they all have already made a contribution to the class. The diversity and multiple ministry applications will make for a very invigorating experience.

We are using my book, Jesus On Leadership, and Peter Northouse's Leadership Theory and Practice. If you would like the full bibliography for the class, let me know and I'll email it to you. I am looking forward to the 16-week journey of learning together.

At Legacy, we are gearing up for 40 Days of Community. I am really excited about what this season of spiritual renewal will do for us. We hope to get everyone connected to Legacy in a Host Home Group and work hard to partner with a local organization to meet a community need.

We have a day of prayer and fasting in preparation for the campaign August 29. I'll post some information about the day and the practice of fasting in the near future. I hope you will join me in the spiritual exercise to prepare our hearts to receive what God has for us to do in this season of ministry.

This weekend is the HH100 in Wichita Falls, TX. It looks like it will be cooler than last year (107F), but still a challenge as always. I am going with a group of the Legacy riders, and can't wait to tell you the stories when we get back.