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The Joys of Being a Pastor

Last Sunday was the Kick Off for 40 Days of Community at Legacy. We had a great time the entire morning, and topped it all off with water fun in the parking lot. Of course, the team signed the staff up for a turn in the dunk tank.

He's me coming out of the tank with the shock of cold water still on me.

Here's Troy adding ice to the tank just to prove the young guys can do it no matter what.

Markus thinks its going to be easy, but he has the right idea on his shirt!

And, as usual, Kenyon says, "Bring it on! This is nothing for an Crimson Tide fan." (Notice Markus is still smiling. He's next.)

All in all, it was a fun day, and we added 105 people to Host Home groups who were not in a LifeGroup before Sunday...worth the cold and wet, I'd say.