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On a Journey

I have begun my journey to Cuba. We are traveling on religious visas from the government and we have been invited to teach religious instruction in the town of Camaguey. (Click here for a link to a photo gallery of the town and the newspaper in Spanish or English.)

I am traveling with Jim Denison, Pastor of Teaching, and Jeff Boyd, Associate Pastor of Missions, of Park Cities Baptist Church, who have been going to this region of the country for some time. Jim's a long-time friend from seminary days, and we are both connected to B H Carroll Theological Institute, for whom we are teaching next week. Amy, who is a member of Legacy, has also been to the church we will be teaching in. I'm looking forward to meeting their friends and learning the hospitality of the people there.

We'll be staying in the Hotel Colon in Camaguey. I'll let you know how it is when I get there. I'll check in through internet cafes in town and try to give you feel of what we are doing.

Please pray for us as we travel and get to know the students and followers there. I'll have many stories to share when I return.