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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving 2007 started Wednesday afternoon going to my parent's farm. That evening we shelled pecans. That's Dad and I using the "Texas Native Inertia Nutcracker"


Summer and Kim dodging the flying shells when they slipped through the "shield."

Here's the end result! Along with the pumpkin and chocolate pies, the deserts were complete.

Yes, Summer and Kim helped with the broccoli and cheese casserole, which turned out quite tasty. I forgot the Cheeze Whiz, but the Velveeta Cheese Mom had in the frig worked just fine.

(Notice the Detroit game in the background. Cowboys after lunch!)

This is the scouting team earlier in the morning planning our next trip around the property.

Here are my girls and me at the farm. (Storey and Graham were with his family this year.)

Here's Mom, Dad and my oldest sister, LaVona, at the gate to the property.

I am a blessed man, whom God has favored for no reason I can think of. Family, friends, and my church family begin a list of things too long to list here, but fill my prayers of blessings each day.