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Thanksgiving Day Two

Day Two at the farm was a morning of being outside. It was about 38 degrees F, a bit cloudy, and a light breeze: perfect fall weather.

Madison decided to get a drink in the tank by the windmill while we were out. I kept telling her all week she was going to "heaven" this week, and it has been that for her. Too bad she returns to the cement pond and couches this afternoon. Maybe she'll dream of what being a real dog is all about.

We fed the cows from the pens rather than feeding them in the fields, which meant filling the troughs and cafe feeders and getting out of the way when we left and the cows rushed the food.

The feed bag had the motto "A steak in the future" on it...pretty goofy, but I got it.

We also got the Model T Touring (1926) out of the barn. Here's Summer, my sister, Barbara, and Dad headed out for the ride.

They picked up my brother-in-law, Rodney, along the way, but about 200 yrds from the barn, here's what they were doing...

They finally got it moving long enough to make it back to the barn, and that ended the ride. My Dad was born in 1929, and he's moving better than the antique car! One for humans. Zero for machines.

We're headed back to Plano today for the PSHS-Mesquite playoff game in the morning. We'll miss the farm, my family, and all that we do there. We are blessed to have such a place to go...