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Blogging Corinth

I am really excited about our next teaching series at Legacy:
Blogging Corinth. We will walk through this raw letter of emotions and messy spirituality that helped form the faith of the first followers. If we let it be what it is--Paul's Spirit-led response to real-life issues and questions from new followers of Jesus in a cosmopolitan city--we will find ourselves immersed in its truth and challenged to live differently because we are just like them (be honest) and struggle with the same things they did.

Our LifeGroups will follow the Sunday morning messages with their own discussions and applications from "Taking On Tough Issues." I'm looking forward to the downloading we will do on Sunday nights with my own LifeGroup.

I also will teach 1 Corinthians on Tuesday nights for B H Carroll at Legacy. The class starts January 15. I look forward to examining the original text, social and cultural influences, and technical issues related to this rich letter of Scripture. There is still time to sign up if you like. Readers get all the information and interaction of the class with no deadlines or assignments. Who can beat that offer?

I'll comment along the way here so stay tuned, and if you miss a message or two, you can get them here.